Product: CESTAL00058
Product: SPOT50

"In my project for the Sala d'Armi, the elements of my language of abstract expressionism gradually arranged themselves in a sort of" fantastic sky ": here it is as if the weapons (placed in the walls) were actually held by the great warriors , prey to the impetus of their passions. " This is how the sculptor Arnaldo Po-modoro describes the Arms Room, reopened to the public in 2000, whose innovative museographic intervention houses one of the most important European collections.

The restyling of the global lighting of the hall and of the display windows, carried out on the occasion of the celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the master, was designed to give greater prominence to the prestigious weapons and armor, to bring out every single detail of the splendid decorations and to further enhance the suggestive installation by the master. The light sources inside the showcases were replaced by increasing the lighting levels, in order to allow a more accurate view of the weapons on display, to give more liveliness and theatricality to the group lined up on the back and greater emphasis to the low and long showcase. central, the so-called "splinter".

In the display cases there are no captions next to the historical artifacts, a precise design choice to leave great space for the direct and personal relationship of the visitor with the enchantment of real works of art. Light thus becomes the most important and evocative tool to excite the visitor.