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Stealth Light Group

100% Made in Italy

STEALTH LIGHT is a dynamic company, born thanks to the collaboration among people with a ten-year know-how in the lighting field, electronics and mechanical making. Our job begins with the production of components for LED lighting, PCBs and electronics for the management of RGB installations. Stealth Light is formally registered as producer of DMX-RDM equipment. Furthermore, Stealth Light produces a wide range of end products for the LED lighting field that satisfy every need, both in industrial and residential market, always aiming at product quality and delivery speed. Quality is guaranteed by the employment of raw materials from many selected Italian suppliers while the availability of a big warehouse allows the always in-stock materials consequently allows short delivery time both for samplings and end products. The nal assembly is homemade by qualified manpower and each product is tested, cleaned and accurately packed in the shortest possible time.


At Stealth Light Group we have an internal resin line that allows us to offer a third party service in a very short time. Our encapsulationservice, being always in operation and therefore constantly controlled and optimized, responds to timely requests and with a high degree of quality without aesthetic defects. Stealth Light Group is a predisposition to carry out the resin process of LED bars in aluminum profiles, installed when reaching different degrees of IP protection, on electronic boards or any electronic device.


We have machines for the PCB assembly, which are controlled by specialized workers. They allow us to produce high efficiency LED strips and LED boards designed by our technical office and fully crafted in our factory.


Our bespoke panels are entirely produced in Italy and completely customizable. They play a role of primary importance when classic LED lighting cannot fully satisfy the needs of architects and lighting designers. In addition to ensuring excellent efficiency from an energy point of view, our bespoke panels are very thin, they have a great reliability and they do not require any maintenance. Our panels are known for the extreme quality of the finished product not only from an aesthetic point of view but also thanks to their perfect luminous uniformity. Each panel is designed and produced according to project specifications customizing shapes, dimensions and light intensity.


Thanks to our laser cutting machines and skilled workers, we can model plastics and aluminum to face any request from our customers. This allow us, above all, to create one of our most important and sold products: bespoke panels.


In our establishment, manage by skilled manpower, we have all the necessary equipment for the aluminum bars processing such as cutting (with different angle) and milling.


Light is an increasingly fundamental aspect in the development of interior and exterior architectural projects. It highlights the architecture and gives character to the environment in which it is located. In order to provide maximum support to our customers, a team of architects and engineers takes care of finding the best solution through simulations of light sources within a virtual space. In this way it is possible to preview the luminous effect of the lamp before the actual installation and decide together with the customer which products to use.


Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our electronic engineers who coordinating our research and development team, we can realize electronic circuits, high efficiency control units and LED boards depending on the needs of our customers.


Stealth Light Group provides a full service to its clients which includes lighting consultancy for the creation of professional installations and meeting the needs of clients in both private and public sectors. Customized projects are created to resolve specific technical problems guaranteeing high level performances and having a balanced, harmonious and esthetical impact. Our team is ready to answer to all our customer needs.