Archaeological Museum
Reggio calabria
Product: CESTAL00030
Product: CESTAL00064

After the recent conclusion of the first phase of restoration, which has been underway for a long time, the archaeological museum of Reggio Calabria has become an emblem of Italian culture, where a vast collection of archaeological finds from ancient Magna Graecia is kept. On the ground floor, among others, the underwater section stands out. It is in this section of the museum that the RIace Bronzes, the two most famous bronze statues in the world, have found an appropriate location. The undisputed protagonist of this important and significant exhibition project is certainly light, which plays a fundamental role in this situation. To have every detail in the same sophisticated and minimalist spirit that is connotative of the entire project, we have chosen to use transparent LED modules made exclusively to measure, installed above the display cases, illuminating the precious treasures and sculptures on display in a new light. LED modules were also installed in the baseboards of the display cases aimed at enhancing the purity and simplicity of the lines that characterize the exhibition area, as well as marking the visitor's path. Both the products used are dimmable, so that the designer has the possibility to choose the amount of light that she considers ideal to illuminate each work, also considering the needs dictated by the archaeologists. The solution used in this way offers greater visual comfort to visitors, enhances the white spaces and surfaces and gives the public a faithful interpretation of antiquities.