The Liberty Tower, also known as Torre Tirrena, is a building in the center of Milan, located in Piazza del Liberty piazza del Liberty, for residential and tertiary use.

The clear architecture of this building, the whose meaning is essentially due to the interplay of structures, owes its most salient feature to the paired pillars constituting the vertical score of the fronts " They create a contrasting chiaroscuro effect with the surfaces glass and are not straight, but split with oblique connections at the top and base of the building This idea, open the base pillars to fan them vertical scores of the façade, was resumed on a gigantic scale in 1974 by Minoru Yamasaki in the dizzying ribs of the Twin Towers in New York.

The continuity of the windows, equipped with large glass plates, is virtually interrupted only by the intervening light between the pillars. The shadows cast on the fronts by their projection give the construction relief and movement.