Product: Drip
The Madonnina del Duomo di Milano, built in 1774 by the sculptor Giuseppe Perego, is the gilded copper statue depicting the Madonna Assunta placed on the main spire of the Milan Cathedral and symbol of the city. 4.16 meters high, it dominates the cathedral and the square from a height of 108.5 meters.

The previous lighting was made with PAR lamps, which are subject to frequent problems and replacements, as well as high energy consumption. Furthermore, not all of the statue was illuminated, with the presence of numerous shaded areas.

The new lighting, inaugurated on the occasion of Christmas 2017, aims to solve the problems of the previous system, also giving greater prominence to the upper rear part of the statue. 21 LED projectors were positioned at a higher height, allowing for a more favorable projection angle. The use of LED projectors with different optics, from 15 ° to 45 °, made it possible to illuminate the statue in all its parts, reducing the shadow areas.